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Welcome my russian brides resource site. I met and fell in love with a russian lady back in 2002, we're now happily married. This site is here to help you if you want to search for love in Russia. I've picked the best sites and resources available to try and help you find that special someone without falling in to all the potential traps and scams that there are out there.

Research - "Your Russian Bride - The Shocking Truth"

russian brides bookby Marina Smiley.

This book contains a lot of amazing truths about your future Russian bride, but also a lot of revealing information about yourself which can help you to see your role in a successful foreign-Russian marriage. It is very easy for foreign men to become frustrated while they are looking for a Russian woman through the Internet:


  • Who are these beautiful young girls and why they are willing to marry men much older than them
  • What you really need to know if you decide to marry a Russian woman
  • What to expect from 35-45 year old Russian women
  • What to expect from 25-35 year old Russian women
  • What to expect from young 18-25 year old Russian girl
  • 4 things that are matter of fact, for you, but absolutely unknown to your future Russian wife.
  • The truth about family oriented women, whose only desire is to serve their husbands and children
  • What you must know before you decide to marry a Russian woman.
  • What you need to tell your bride if you live on a tight budget
  • What you must tell your bride if you feel insecure and are afraid to trust her completely
  • Tips for men who are financially stable and are afraid to trust their future wife
  • Three major reasons why foreign-Russian marriage fail

This is an excellent read from a Russian Lady who married a foreigner, so is based on first hand knowledge.

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"Your Russian Bride - The Shocking Truth"

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That's it for the moment, but I will be adding more as soon as I find any new Russian Mail Order Brides worth adding to the site, so add the site to your favourites and come back soon, or...


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